Azela Robinson is the founder of, a company dedicated to giving every day a positive, healthy, and meaningful perspective. Her work and life philosophy has been featured in numerous publications, including Psychology Today, Huffington Post, Inc. magazine, and The Huffington Post.

She’s a writer, musician, artist, and founder of She’s also a member of the band The Real World, and she’s been a judge for the American Music Awards, The Billboard Awards, and the Radio Music Awards.

Azela is also a co-founder of the Seattle-based nonprofit The Seattle Times, a member of the board of directors at The Seattle Museum of Art, and served on the board of directors for the Northwest Film Festival. She is also an avid art collector and supporter of arts organizations throughout the Northwest. Shes a writer, musician, and artist.

One of the two most famous and beloved women in music, Azela has recorded more than 400 songs, most of which have been recorded by other artists. A few notable ones are the hit singles “What it Feels Like”, “The One You Love”, “Never Be the Same”, “We Are the World”, and “The One You’re With.

Azela has been involved in the arts for many years and has taken on a variety of philanthropic projects. She gives a lot of money to arts organizations for everything from grants to donations to performing arts. She is a member of the Arts and Business Association of Washington State, and she is on the board of directors of Washington State University.

Azela is a strong supporter of Washington State University and Washington State University’s arts programs. She has worked for a few years in the arts and education sector and has seen the results of funding arts programs. She is active with the arts as an artist and director and supports the arts in Washington State.

Azela is a strong supporter of arts programs and the arts. She is also active in the arts, and is a member of the Washington State Arts Council. She has been a board member of the Arts and Business Association of Washington State for about two years.

Azela Robinson is an artist, director, and arts educator. Though she is active in the arts, she also works as an arts administrator. While she is involved in the arts, she is also active in the health care field.

It is an understatement to say that the arts and health care fields are closely related. Arts and health care have a strong connection to each other in terms of research, funding, and policy. In Washington State, the health care field is very active, and has been for many years. We are continually evaluating and re-evaluating the arts related to health care issues. We are very interested in what arts activity, in general, impacts health care.

We are also very interested in the arts in general. We believe that there is a direct impact on health care, particularly in the area of education, as well as on the arts in general.



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