This word or phrase is probably the most popular new English word to hit the English Language a few years back. The word banna has been around since ancient Egypt, and is a term that could be applied to anything you want to eat. We are all familiar with the popular appetizer, fried chicken, but banna is a term that refers to pretty much anything you want to eat.

What you might not know is that banna itself is a Japanese term meaning “something that has a bad smell.” In the world of food, banna can be described as “a bad smell.” The word is in fact a verb, which means something like “to smell like banna.” It can be used in the same manner as a noun.

Sounds like we have a food-related term that might be just as bad as banna, but it’s also the result of our poor cooking skills. I can’t think of a single time in my life when I ate something bad, but I always made sure to ask the chef to change it.

There are actually a lot of food-related terms that are associated with bad odors – sour, rotten, rancid, burned, etc. But banna is the one that stands out for me, and I just can’t seem to get rid of it. It’s probably because I cook too much. I can’t even imagine what it would smell like if I didn’t cook at all.

I think that it takes a certain amount of knowledge to know what a bad odor is. It’s a term like “spicy” or “fresh” or “spicy apple”. It has a specific smell to it. If you aren’t familiar with what a bad smell is, you may not realize that what it is is a bad smell and therefore not a good idea to eat it.

I think its safe to say that banna, although it is not a bad smell, is not a good idea to eat. But what is a bad idea to eat? I’m not sure. If I could give a straight answer to that, I would, but we’re not here to talk about food, so lets take it one step at a time.

In one of the games’ levels, we are introduced to a banna (or a bannana as he’s known to the players) who is a little bit of a bad hombre. What is a bad hombre? Well, a bad hombre is one who is a bad person, or bad at something. Someone who is a bad person is usually a bad person. But lets not get too specific here. Bad at something is a bad thing.

The banna is a monster. In other words, bad at something. And in the game, bannas are enemies, so even if you are good at something, bannas are not going to love you. That said, in the game, bannas have a special affinity for the player’s girlfriend, Gabi, a banna in fact. In some ways, it’s a banna’s way of saying “I’m a banna, and I’m a bitch.

In the game, bannas are evil people who have special abilities. They can be a good person or bad person depending on what they do. I think bannas are also evil because they have the ability to bring the whole galaxy into hell by using their evil powers to create dark clouds, which is why they are so hated by many players.

In the game, bannas are extremely rare people who are known by a nickname. They are also very hard to find, but then again, this is a game. As such, it’s important to keep bannas in your back pocket.



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