The most prominent reason to visit my blog is to share my love of Florida. I’ve always enjoyed the small little islands that dot the northern part of the state of Florida. I’ve always been drawn to their simple beauty and laid back lifestyle. But one of these islands that caught my eye was the island of Dover. Why? Well, for one thing, the weather is absolutely beautiful here. The weather is cool and breezy most of the year.

The weather here in Dover is pretty good all year so far. But in summer you can get a pretty full range of temperatures. As the state of Florida is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, this is definitely one place that you can get a pretty good ocean view. I like to sit outside and watch the sun go down over the ocean here.

I can’t say that I’ve ever been to this state. But I do remember that this is one state that I’ve visited a bunch of times. Because my family lived here for a couple of years, I’ve been able to get pretty close to home a lot. I’ve visited a couple of the vacation spots from the beach like Cape Canaveral and Daytona, as well as the beaches in Key Largo and the Florida Keys.

One of the most incredible things about this town (and the rest of Florida) is that it’s so close to the ocean. This is a state renowned for its beaches, and it has over 300, and yes, I’m looking at that wrong. 300 miles, or 300,000,000. It’s a big state, so it’s not like you can get too close to the water. But you can get close.

As a matter of fact, you can get close to many of the most beautiful beaches in the country. I go to the beach here in Florida everytime I come to visit, and I go to a couple of those beaches everytime I go to the Keys. But I also go to the beach in Key Largo a lot.

I know I am going to get a lot of flak from people for the fact that I’m referring to the state of Florida, but I don’t mean to make a claim that all beaches in Florida are the same, though I am sure some are. But you can go to any beach in Florida and look around. You’ll find that they are all the same, but there are many places in the state that are the best.

In Florida, we have the famous Key Largo Beach. It’s a beautiful beach that has some of the best surf on the planet, and it has some of the coolest bars in the state. Its also one of the most expensive places to visit in the state.

Key Largo is actually a place of great beauty, but unfortunately for those of us that would like to have a great time there, its near the Everglades, so you have to drive a lot. And if you have the money, you can hire your own boat out at night and sleep in a little cabin. I used to live out there, and I would be surprised if my bed was comfortable.

I had to move to the Everglades a few years ago to get away from the noise of the city. Key Largo was my favorite place to hang out, and I had a great time there for a few years. I had a great time there, but it was a great place to spend a few nights. The problem is that the Everglades is one of the most expensive places to visit in the state.

It’s a great place to get away from all the crowds, but it’s also a great place to be in Florida. There are a lot of good restaurants, bars, and places to stay, and it’s not too far from Daytona Beach. If you live in the area I suggest taking a trip.



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