I’m not really a big fan of the word “pissing off” but I’ll just say I have a friend who is. It’s actually a very common occurrence. It’s not just a word, it’s a lot of action.

That being said though, it’s a shame that such an amusing word has such negative connotations. I really hope that the word doesn’t offend anyone.

Yes indeed. The word pissing off is in itself a somewhat offensive word. But if we’re going to be offended by such a word then I think we should be offended by much more common words. Like I said, pissing off has a very negative connotation.

The negative connotations are there, but I have to imagine that it was an intentional choice to make it a word that was used that way. It also doesn’t hurt that the word is a lot of action.

This is a good thing because the word pissing off makes a lot more sense than a random bunch of words that happen to be in the same sentence. I’m not quite sure what the word “pissed” would be translated as though. I am pretty sure that there was a time when a human didn’t have that word in their vocabulary.

One thing that I liked about the trailer was this quote from the game itself. It says something to the effect that the game is a “fantasy about power.” It’s hard to argue with that. It seems that if there is any kind of power in the game, it’s the power to turn your body into a weapon. There is, of course, some kind of power in the game, but I think that it’s more about the power to not be a weapon.

I think I might have been talking too much about this because I did not notice the word in the quote.

For example, the game does not take away the user’s weapon. And yet, the game does take away one of the game’s characters. If the user is not a weapon, then there is a very clear distinction between the two.

It’s also not about taking your weapon away. The weapon in the game is a very, very powerful tool in the game. It is a very important tool to the player because it allows the player to use the game’s powers, but it is not an integral part of the game.

The difference between a weapon and a power is that there is a difference between the two. Many power players are like George younce, the game’s creator. He is not a power player. He is not even a human being. He is more like a fictional character. He is very very powerful like a god, and yet he is not a god. He is a fictional character that is the very embodiment of his own desire to kill his enemies.



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