Pick a photo of you in action related to the position that you want. Make sure you use all of the alotted space – 110 x 80 pixels. PLEASE do read the other post because it will offer you tips applicable here that I didn’t want to write again. Due to the installation of outdated software applications on your desktop. Follow the last move in fixing this [i.e., pii_pn_7cb487117f21abdb] mistake. If your PC is revamped, you can try Microsoft Outlook on OS versions if you want this error.

Select the mailing account and select the Change button. If an update is needed, update the brand new Microsoft Outlook and restart the PC or device you are using. Are you looking for the list of Microsoft Outlook Pii errors? Various Pii errors can destroy your online experience. Here we are mentioning many PII errors that occur on the internet or the internet in this blog.

Now, open programs and features from the control panel, and a list of all installed programs in your computer will be open. Go and check for the updates of Microsoft 365 now and update everything so that your model becomes the newest. In that case, we can fix the error by clearing the cache to make your strings clean.

In the latest version of outlook, you’ll never see this error again. Keep updating your office whenever Microsoft releases the updated version. The updated version always better than then the old version. Because any software update is only required when there is any functional or other problem. The new settings save after these steps with a different server port number.

The software will automatically troubleshoot the error and fix it without any hassle. Now, restart your Microsoft Outlook and try sending an email. Here are easy steps you can follow to change your server port number. If the error still comes up and frustrates you during prime works hours, you can try changing the server port numbers. Often due to a mismatch of server port numbers, Outlook users face difficulty in sending an email around. If yes then click on the account and then select “delete” button and delete those duplicate accounts.


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