If you were to ask me what the most important internal consistency is, I would probably say consistency. I think consistency is the most important and I have a feeling that some of the most important internal consistency factors are consistency of mind and consistency of body. When we’re consistently feeling good, and when we’re consistently eating healthy, and when we’re consistently taking care of our bodies, there’s no reason to get to far from it.

When we are consistent in our mind about how to act, when we are consistent in our body about how we want to feel, and when we are consistent in both of these, we are on the right track. We’re not missing out on anything if we don’t, and we can be much more productive, creative, and successful if we aren’t inconsistent.

The problem with consistency is that as you get more focused on it you start to lose that focus of consistency which makes you feel more and more like a slave to your thoughts. You have to remember to check in with yourself and be able to say, ‘okay, this is what I’m thinking, this is what I feel, this is what I’m doing.’ This consistency is what keeps your mind from wandering.

Not many people can say they work more consistently than they work by themselves. Even when we are most productive we still lose focus on it and have to remind ourselves to go back and try to work from a different angle or in a different way. The key to staying consistent is being able to say to yourself, this is what Im thinking, this is what Im feeling, this is what Im doing. You don’t have to be a super genius to figure this out.

When we are consistently thinking something, even if we are not completely thinking it, we are still thinking it. But when we are not thinking it, it’s not there. So what is it that you are thinking? Is it an idea? A feeling? A thought or a feeling? When we are not thinking something, it is not there. You cannot just say to yourself, “Im thinking, Im feeling, Im here.

What exactly you are thinking, feeling, doing, is up to you to figure out. Your mind is a powerful thing, but it is not the only power in your life. To understand this, you have to look at the way we think about things.

To understand that we are not at all at once. We are not constantly thinking one thing and then another, but if we want to have consistent thoughts and feelings, our thoughts and feelings need to be consistent.

The concept of consistency came up in one of our studies of our friends who never seem to get together. While these individuals believe they are constantly having these thoughts, they actually don’t. They just seem to be having these thoughts at different times. One friend was always talking about how much she loved him, and her boyfriend would always be making fun of her because he thought she was crazy. Another friend always made jokes about how much she wanted to be his girlfriend.

The concept of consistency is the idea that how things are organized is just as important as how things are organized. For example, if you take a piece of paper and write down the same thing over and over again without altering it, it will be a consistent piece of paper. A consistent person will be able to find the same things on a consistent sheet of paper. In our very own lives, we make a lot of mistakes because we often are inconsistent.

The concept of consistency is a key metric in the design of the internet, and one that has been the focus since its inception. We need consistency so we can find things, like we need consistency in a relationship so we can find the same things on our sheets of paper, but more importantly so we can find the same things in our own lives.



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