John Cassisi is a designer, creative director, and author of “The Art of Life: How to create what you want and create what you need.” In this interview, we talk about the book and the inspiration behind it.

John Cassisi started drawing in his teens and has been writing since the early 1980s. He started making art out of his drawings and then moved on to illustrating. After the success of his books, John has also started a website,

When John says that his best work tends to come from his drawings, he’s talking about how his artwork is what he gets out of drawing and making art. When you draw you are trying to express a feeling or an idea in a way that’s more expressive than your normal voice or that of a typical artist.

If you have a regular day job, or even just a regular job, it’s hard to not think of it as your regular job. When you work for yourself you may not get much paid, yet you are still getting something out of it. Most people aren’t so lucky. People who actually spend their day drawing or painting can be very different than those who spend their days working at a regular job.

I love how you can make your drawing look so much more realistic than you normally would. You have the ability to give your drawing a more professional look by using some basic techniques. Not only that, but the way you draw your characters can also be more realistic than the way you normally would.

Most people see the world through their own eyes. These people are the people who are always going to be a little bit different than others. That means they have to be good at adapting to a new environment and using it to their advantage. What this means is that they have to be able to use their creativity to create something that is interesting and unique. They don’t have to just paint something generic in their art.

For example, a person who is just using a character for the sake of their character. For example, a person who is just using a character for the sake of their character because they love to draw or paint.

Another example is a person who is just using a character for the sake of their character because they love to write or have a blog.

Sure. But you have to be able to do something that is original and interesting enough to get people talking about it. It has to be something that is unique or entertaining to the point that it gets people talking. This is very difficult to do with something that is generic. You have to be able to create something that is unique and something that people will talk about.

A good example of a great concept that is unique and memorable is the original game, Wolfenstein 3D. That game was very generic, but the idea of not only a game but the story of an open-world shooter was unique and fresh. The same is not true for this game. The game is generic, but it is an example of something unique that is entertaining and entertaining.



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