The first half of this blog post is dedicated to thanking kate woodville for her kind words. Thanks to her for being a part of the blog. I have always been drawn to her style and her creative mind and ideas, and the blog was born in part because of her.

Like with most things, you can be the best-looking cat in the world and still be the most frustrating-minded.

It’s a simple difference, though I like it because it has the potential to get confused with the difference between “pretty” and “ugly”. If you want to go for a look that is both pretty and ugly, just go for it. If you’re going for something that’s both pretty and pretty, then go for the ugliest version.

Cat-o-vision’s style is one of those things that makes a person go gaga over the first thought of a person’s idea, like with Kate’s design for her blog. She has a unique, almost abstract sense of style that seems to have no end.

Cat-o-Visions, if youve read our posts on the subject, has a slightly more refined aesthetic than the average person. The key is that she makes her designs less abstract and more practical. Rather than create a style that looks totally out of place, Cat-o-Visions takes what seems like the most practical part of your space and makes it look extra pretty.

Like with many of our designers, Cat-o-Visions was inspired by the work of our good friend Kate Woodville, a designer who goes by the name “Kath.” Like Kate, Kath is an art, design, and lifestyle geek. While Kate is quite accomplished, Kath is more focused on design than Kate is, so Kath’s designs tend to be more practical in their execution and make use of everything available.

Kath has made a few design books as well as her own line of handbags and jewelry (so far, kath has sold out of her line of jewelry too). She has a big fan circle on Facebook and blogs about design, life, and fashion. And if it’s kate Woodville, it’s probably for a good reason.

Kate Woodville (AKA: Kate Woods of Woodville) is a model, actress, and designer who has worked for major fashion houses, including Guess, Chanel, and Balenciaga, and most recently for Tom Ford. She has appeared on numerous magazine covers including Vogue, Glamour, GQ, and Cosmopolitan, and she has been named one of the “30 Under 30” by People Magazine.

Kate is a designer who works with brands like Chanel, Guess, and GNC to create collections and designs. She has been described in the press as “a creative designer who knows what she’s doing.” She has designed for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Lindsay Lohan, and for clients like Macy’s, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton.

She has also designed for a number of successful companies including: Kate Moss, Giorgio Armani, Donna Karan, Vera Wang, Giorgio Armani, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Giorgio Armani.



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