I really should have bought more of them. I’m quite the candy person. I love candy, but I’ve never been a fan of the candies I buy.

I think I have a few extra candies left, but I have to get going on my holiday plans. I will be leaving early tomorrow and will miss all of the party shenanigans.

Oh, hey, don’t worry, I am definitely coming to the party this weekend. After the party, my friend and I will be having a few drinks and then heading over to her friend’s house for dinner. Her husband is an artist, so he might be able to show me how to draw. There will be plenty of time to kill.

I’m not sure if I can relate, but a few of the things I see myself doing are: 1) Trying to be a cool person for once. 2) Trying to not get caught up in the holiday madness. 3) Trying to not let my friends and family down.

I think we all agree that a lot of the time we’re not really interested in having fun or making friends. Maybe we’re waiting until the holiday rush is over. Like when you have your first beer, you really just want to get drunk. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for that moment and so far it has not happened.

Well, this year I was pretty bummed out that my holidays were so full of crap, but I still made some really good friends and made a lot of new ones. I think I have even made it to the “cool kids” club, which is the one where you can talk about how much you hate being a “cool kid” and other things like that.

You can’t really talk about stuff like that to someone who is not cool. That doesn’t mean you’re not cool, just that you can’t talk about it. That’s where our friends the cool kids come in.

I am absolutely, positively, and irrevocably, a cool kid. I am also the first kid to make it to the cool kids club in my life, but I dont think I would be a cool kid if I hadn’t. When I was younger I was a bit of a bad kid. I was the kid that got into a lot of trouble, and I did some pretty stupid stuff.

But I think there’s more to being cool than that. I do think there’s an invisible, and in a sense invisible, boundary between being a bad kid and cool kid. A kid that gets into trouble or gets into trouble with the authorities, I would assume is in the “bad” category. But a kid that gets into trouble with the authorities, but is cool, that is cool.

Well, I actually grew up in a very serious and restrictive household, and I think I might be a bit of a bad kid. I have a lot of trouble remembering things (especially when it comes to small things like dates, which I really don’t remember), and I have trouble remembering certain things, and I have trouble remembering certain things about certain people. I think that my ability to remember was actually a good thing and it helped me to be a little bit more cool.



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