Michelle Reaud is a writer and teacher who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. You can find her on Twitter @michelerenaud and on her blog at michellerenaud.com.

michelle renaud is a writer and teacher and lives in St.

Louis, Missouri.

My favorite thing about Michelle Reaud is that she is one of the most honest and forthright people I’ve ever met. She is so honest and forthright about her own life and the life of the people she loves that I’m sure she would say anything to get attention or help in some way. That’s not to say that she would try to change the world for the better or anything like that, just that she would tell you the truth in all the right ways.

Michelle Reaud is one of our most talented writers and teachers. She is a writer and educator who has taught at various Universities in the US and Canada. She is also an international speaker on creativity and writing, and has been featured in many TV and radio programs such as TED, BBC Radio, and many more. She was also the first woman to hold the position of President of the International Writing Program at Western Washington University in Spokane, Washington.

Michelle wrote The Truth in Writing (which is about writing) and The Truth in Life (which is about living life). She also wrote several books of poetry and essays. She currently teaches writing and writing classes at the University of Maryland where she is also the Director of the Creative Writing in Higher Education program.

Michelle is also an award-winning author of five books of poetry, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning, “The Poetry of the Heart.” Her most recent book, “The Poetry of the Body,” explores how our bodies are constantly acting like our minds, and how to write about them.

She is a graduate of the University of Maryland, where she received her B.A. in English with a minor in Creative Writing. Michelle also holds a Masters in Education, Humanities and the Arts from American University.

Michelle is a poet, fiction writer, and educator. She is the editor of the anthologies, The Poetry of the Heart and The Poetry of the Body. She is a member of the Poetry Society of America.

Michelle’s work is most well-known for her blog, The Poetry of the Heart, and her blog The Poetry of the Body. She has published her first book, The Poetry of the Heart, in 2005. Michelle has been published in many literary magazines since her first book, and has published work in over twenty anthologies. She is a recipient of the 2009 Pushcart Prize for her debut poetry collection, The Poetry of the Heart.



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