This article was written for the Oswego bus drivers and I appreciate anyone who took the time to read it.

In this town, the bus drivers actually look like the stereotypical “stuck-up yuppie”, who is always so full of himself that he can’t even see the bus approaching. But if you’re like me, the sight of a bus in the morning brings out all your inner snob, so I can understand why people get upset about it. That said, I have to say that there are some pretty awesome drivers and I’m glad to see more people in the city paying attention.

The bus driver, who is a bit of an asshat in our opinion, is our favorite character in the game. I dont’ know if he’s the first one for the game or not, but I’ve always found him to be the most interesting. He’s a bit of a snob who is constantly trying to prove himself against his fellow bus-drivers.

I’m not sure if Oswego is the first bus driver we’ve seen, but hes pretty close. Oswego is a city bus driver who is stuck in a time loop of his own making. He can’t remember whether he was doing his job or what his job was while he was stuck, so he hires a replacement who is the exact same personality, but without memory.

Basically, when the bus is out of control, or in a time loop, it has to be reset. Oswego, like us, is stuck in a time loop of his own making and the only way to get out is to hire another bus driver to drive it.

We first heard about these time-loop-creating bus drivers a few years ago when it was discovered that the driverless buses were causing more and more accidents. At the time I thought it was all BS, but now I believe it’s real. According to the Bus Driver’s Associaton, this is because the driverless buses are too small and people are just not going to stand around and wait for a bus to come by.

In fact, the majority of the bus drivers in the US are in on the fix. In fact, according to the Bus Drivers Association of America, a whopping 95% of all bus drivers are involved in some sort of legal trouble at some point, and the average bus driver has been slapped with a fine and/or a ticket every three months.

This is probably the best part. But its good to know that you can’t just walk into a bus depot and start doing stuff. These drivers are there to make sure that people don’t get run over by the bus or get hit by a falling bus. Which is why they are so paranoid about their jobs. As they say, “You’ve got to earn your bus driver pay.

Yeah, the bus drivers are also the most stressed out people on Deathloop. Their jobs have something called “the ticket.” Every day for the last five years they have to go to a bus terminal where they will be tested for drugs, alcohol, and/or distracted driving. The testing typically consists of getting a blood sample, looking at drivers’ eyes, and maybe a brief look at a driver’s hands.

The other day a bus driver was tested for driving while under the influence of something. He was pulled over for a DUI, which meant that he had to drive back all the way to the terminal and back. And that’s when the test results came in. The guy hadn’t actually had a drink all day, but he had been under the influence of various drugs. As a result of the test he was given a warning for driving under the influence of alcohol.



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