When I first started writing and talking about mental health and depression, I was met with the question, “Paige, do you have a personal issue with mental illness?” As a writer, I have had to deal with mental illness on my own before. When I was younger, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It is a disorder that causes one’s moods to change quickly and unpredictably.

That’s what you have if you’re bipolar. It’s definitely a disorder, but it’s not a disorder in the way that mental illness is. It’s not a mental illness. To the contrary, there’s a whole generation of people who have bipolar who aren’t diagnosed with it. The stigma and shame surrounding mental illness, particularly bipolar, makes it a difficult issue for people who are on their own with it to be open about.

For people who have bipolar, it is harder to discuss the disorder because people assume they know and understand what it is and how to treat it. For people who have bipolar disorder, it is harder to discuss the disorder because they dont understand why its difficult to talk about it. Often, people who take medication for bipolar have the same issues. It can be difficult for bipolar people to explain to family and friends why they are taking medication.

The thing is that bipolar people have been told for years that it is very normal to feel depressed or anxious, and it is normal for them to be stressed. But for so long, they were told that the cause of their mood swings was something else. This is what causes them to act out in their lives. If they were told that that was the cause of their mood swings, then they wouldnt do it.

This is one of the many reasons bipolar patients don’t receive the help they need. They are told that it is normal for them to have mood swings and that they need to take medication to control their emotions. But the truth is that it is not normal for them to have a mood swing that is so extreme that they feel like they are going to throw up or become violent. When these bipolar patients are told that their mood swings are normal, they don’t do it.

The truth is that most bipolar patients don’t actually believe that their mood swings are normal. Even if they believe that they are, many times the idea that they are a normal person who is having a mood swing is far more dangerous than the idea that they will throw up or start violently attacking. When bipolar patients are told that their mood swings are normal, they don’t do it.

And that’s why I think that they should be made aware that they are not normal.

In general, swings are the most common mood problem seen in bipolar patients. But its not just swings. The fact that many bipolar patients are not aware of their mood swings is also a reason why they cannot be properly treated. Most patients have no idea about their mood swings, and many doctors are not educated on the difference between a normal mood swing and a bipolar mood swing.

As if to prove the point, my mom suffers from bipolar disorder. At one point in her life, she had a full blown manic episode where she was screaming and screaming until her lips were blue. The only problem was, she was aware she was not normal, and that she was bipolar. She was also aware that she was in an episode.

Since her husband and I don’t know anything about her mood disorder, we are here to help. Now that I’m a writer and a mother with a bipolar disorder, I feel like I should be able to give more of a medical perspective.



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