I’m not a big fan of long hair. I don’t like it at all. It’s just not me. I don’t think being one of those women who has long hair or who has a long mane does anything for me. I like being short hair, I love it. But I don’t really like it. I prefer a short haircut, with my hair just being a little bit longer than it is today.

Just like you can’t be one of those girls who has long hair, or a long mane, or who has long hair and still want to dress short, you can’t be one of those girls who has short hair and wants to dress in business wear. Your hair is a business piece. It’s a sign of how cool you are, and how much you like who you are.

But in the end it still doesn’t really matter. I just feel like people like long hair. I like short hair too, but I prefer it. I get asked this question a lot, but I think its pretty obvious that I’ll always wear my hair short. I’m trying to think of a reason why I don’t. I guess I just wish I could keep it the same length, and wear it shorter. But its really not an issue.

What is an issue is that you really shouldn’t be asking people this question. And it’s not just anyone asking. I know because I have been asked this question a lot, and I have been given the answer that I would rather not answer. What makes this question “not an issue” is the assumption that this question is just a thing that people do. But in reality, this is a question that everyone should be asking.

Why not ask it? Because people need to know that they are not alone in their reactions, and that there is no one to blame or to take responsibility for their reactions. If we don’t know that we’re not the only one to have this reaction, then we can’t truly know how to handle this situation.

But before I go on, you have to realize that people use this reaction for a multitude of reasons every day. For some it is the emotional trigger for a major argument with a family member, for others it is a way to relieve stress from a major challenge, and for some people it is a way to make a point to a friend.

Everyone is not affected the same, and this is just one of the reasons why it is so important to learn how to handle this reaction. If we dont know what the cause of this reaction is, it is impossible to know how to deal with it. I think there is a lot of blame to go around and we must learn to find a way to handle it.

Terri, a self-proclaimed “stress buster,” says she’s not one to worry about the cause of this reaction. She is a full-time student and has recently finished her thesis on the effects of stress on the brain. She says she was stressed because she had a paper due within the week. She explains that stress has no effect on the brain but instead increases the level of serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters that are key to stress.

Terri says people with self-awareness and attention-deficit disorder (ADD) may be more prone to overuse these neurotransmitters, which, of course, is why she was stressed.

“You do have a tendency to over-stress yourself,” says Terri, “but that’s normal. You have a lot of serotonin and dopamine, and that’s normal.” There are some cases of stress-related ADD that are genetic, but there are other cases that are caused by a combination of genetics and environmental factors.



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