I am a big fan of Walter Hudson, and am really excited to see what he has in store for us in 2019. I love his take on the old/new paradigm and am excited to see him continue this path in the new millennium.

In the short time I’ve known him, the one thing I have always loved about him is his willingness to push the boundaries of storytelling and be willing to go for the impossible. In the last couple of years he’s become even more daring in his storytelling as he’s built a whole world to explore. I can only hope that we’ll see even more of this in 2019.

My hope in 2019 is to continue the tradition of stories that are really good and leave the rest of the world wanting more. I dont want to know what happens to certain characters or how they die, but I will never stop wondering what it would be like to know that something so big and important could actually happen to me. I love good stories and I think the best ones are ones that leave us wanting more and not knowing what to do next.

To me, the new walter hudson story trailer is one of those great stories. It’s very much like the end of 2018. The trailer comes at the end of last year when everyone was talking about the end of the world and it was about time for everyone to get ready for the big event. It was a good story but it was also a little too quiet for my liking. I hope we can see the story come to an end in 2019.

The best part of the trailer is when it shows us the party island. The party is obviously going to go on throughout the year, and we’ll find out what happens when the island is finally overrun and the Visionaries are forced to flee. That’s always a great feeling and part of the fun of the game.

I’m still not sure if the team behind the game are planning for a full year or if it’s just a one-day party. I’m sure you can read my mind, but I really hope for a year full of fun games that put you in the thick of the action.

I hope so too. We hope to see you guys in the new year, and hopefully the game is even better.

As always, thanks for watching, and thanks to Bethesda for the opportunity to play Deathloop. It’s one of the most fun games I’ve had since Oblivion and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed playing it back in March.

If you have been with us for more than a day, we hope you enjoyed seeing how the game plays out the second time around. This time its a bit less stealthy and a bit more action packed, but you still get to see the island’s party guests. In fact the island is so large that its like the party is happening in a giant room.

I am not a fan of “death” loop. To me it’s just a movie. You die and its over, not a time loop. They did a lot of good making this game more action packed, and they made a great death video which is actually pretty awesome.



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